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Our Story

Avens Story

We don’t believe in a good time, we believe in great experiences

Avens is a celebration of new beginnings and the beauty of nature, inspired by the vibrant colours and exuberance of the avens flower.

The complexities of nature often amount to simple conditions coming together to form something beautiful. Everything works in concurrence to form the strands of life that make a wondrous ecosystem. This ecosystem provides the sustenance that has inspired generations of civilisations to come together to share a gratifying meal, influential stories, and loving company. As many before us, we at Avens are inspired by the complexities derived from the simple. Wholesome simple ingredients, being transformed into delectable harmonious flavours is an experience we hope to share.

Passionate about the cyclical magic of the seasons, each dish at Avens is thoughtfully crafted by Christopher Kfoury, our Executive Chef and his team, who artfully celebrate the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients in a delicate interplay of textures, colours, and flavours.

Freshness is not just a word we use at Avens, it is our mantra. We strive to recreate the complexities of nature by using the lessons that we have acquired by watching this magnificent ecosystem develop. Our mission is to create something unique, a concept that respects nature and through our thoughtfully designed menu is a daily celebration of its gifts.

Like the bright blossoms of the Avens plant, the restaurant aims to add radiance to Khobar’s dining scene and offer a rich, immersive experience for our guests. Ultimately, our aim is to evoke a splendid union between the intricacies of nature, the culinary arts, and the timeless bond of human connection. We aspire to create unforgettable moments and memories that bring people together and foster a deeper appreciation for the bountiful gifts bestowed upon us by Mother Nature.


We're Sorry, Bookings for 31 December (New Year's Eve) Are Fully Booked. We look forward to welcoming you in the new year.

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